Yellow Helium-Neon Laser System - NT-LS-HY05-A

The NT-LS-HY05-A is a HeNe laser System with a maximum output power of 5mW. The beam is yellow in color (594nm) and the laser head is of the Helium-Neon type. The head along with the power supply is mounted to a flat piece of aluminum that slides into a long metal casing. The laser power supply does contain an internal current limiting circuit, therefore no external current limiting device or circuit is necessary. The input lead at the back of the case accepts 12VDC. Power is switched through the laser power supply’s TTL ON circuit by a key-switch mounted to the rear cover below the power lead. The laser power supply is a Coherent / Laser Drive Inc. model 31-2801-000 potted brick-style HeNe power supply. The laser head is labeled “Laser Chorus” but is manufactured by REO Precision Optics / PMS Electro Optics. The details of the actual tube contained within the head casing are unknown but the model of the laser head is LHYR-0050.

yellow HeNe laser head mounted to aluminium plate

information label on yellow HeNe laser head

yellow laser dot produced from the laser head

HeNe laser power supply module, branded Coherent

Did you know that certain helium-neon lasers can emit lines of multiple different wavelengths depending on their internal mirror construction? We were delighted to see this during our visit with Zenodilodon (Patrick). He is an expert in the laser repair field and bought this unit off of us about 1 year after we acquired it. Using some carefully aligned external optics, we were able to break the beam out into a few additional wavelengths!

HeNe laser multiple lines

Sam's Laser FAQ is a great resource for all things lasers. It proved to be very helpful in getting the HeNe laser tubes up and running.