NT Custom Product - RackOPS Control Unit

The RackOPS control unit is a rack-mountable power control and monitoring system for IT/Network equipment racks. This system is still in development and is currently used internally. The RackOPS control unit has two 20A AC channels for controlling power to rack-mounted equipment. The unit is also able to monitor and display voltage and current usage by each of the channels. There are future plans to expand the unit to support four channels. An Arduino Uno serves as the central processor for the unit and is responsible for switching the channel relays on and off and processing input from the sensors. This includes voltage, current, and temperature monitoring. The unit can be operated locally in a limited manner by the system control keyswitch. The controller within the RackOPS unit communicates with a computer over a serial interface for full control and monitoring. The application software displays sensor and channel status and allows the channel relays to be controlled directly by user input. The RackOPS control unit is similar to a smart PDU, but is built to specifications to be used internally by Directed Energy Systems. Future plans for this unit include an AC input failover system to continue providing power to equipment in the event that one of the AC inputs drops or is unstable. As an additional monitoring feature, the unit has an external input that can be connected to the cabinet door sensor of an enclosed rack to monitor and report (in software) when the rack cabinet door is opened or closed. The EPO connector on the back is connected directly to the terminals of the EPO button. This allows the EPO button to shut down a UPS independent of the controller.

RackOPS front control panel (powered on)

RackOPS front control panel

RackOPS back connections

RackOPS inside components

Screenshot of RackOPS control software